There is this whole massive debate about whether the world is deterministic or whether it is based on free will. See, if the world was based on determinism, that is to say that no one has any free will, that our lives are planned out exactly, that the date of our death is set in stone just as our birth date is, then no one can be held accountable for anything. So if a murderer, well… murders someone, then technically we cannot blame them, as what he did was already  and he had no choice but to do it, therefore the justice system is kind of screwed.

This argument brings me back to religion (I brought it up in an earlier post), people say that the one gift God gave us was that of free will, but Christians would have no choice but to say that wouldn’t they? Because if they decide that the world is deterministic, then they are basically contradicting their belief in God. Because that means that God purposely told Adam and Eve not to eat for the apple tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden, but he would have known that they were going to do it anyway because it was part of their linier lives. So he threw them out of the Garden because they had done something he had destined them to do. That seems wrong doesn’t it?

But determinism makes people blameless for all the things they do, I think that’s a really nice idea, that I should not hate certain people in mt life… and they should not hate me. But I guess determinism cannot affect people’s emotions or feelings towards each other. Or… maybe it can. If you fall in love with someone, they fall in love with you, they screw you over, you begin to hate them.. that’s ALL determined. The relationship was doomed from the off because of some sadistic higher power.

In that vein, I really do hate the idea of determinism. I like knowing that not everything that goes wrong in my life isn’t my fault, but that it isn’t anyone else’s fault either. What I hate is that, if determinism was real, I would be blamed for things that I have no control over. Because someone up in the clouds decided what I was going to do, what I was going to say, and how people around me were going to react to it.

And I wish it weren’t true, but nigh on everyone who reads this (there aren’t many of you) will have some personal experience you can relate this post to. This is why I cannot believe in a higher power. How can something(s) be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient… so that he/she/it/they knows when we are about to do something wrong, will be around to stop it and have the power to, but gives us the free will to make so many colossal fuck ups?


Maybe the Engineers have it right. And we do get powerful enough we all need to die. ’cause otherwise our mistakes would be irreversible.


Anything to say?

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